New release R20230609



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Release with possibly breaking core changes, new features, and 2 years of bug fixes.

Main fixes and additions

  • Strict inequalities now trigger errors (no more kittens).
  • Square symmetric inequalities now trigger warnings (detects extremely common user mistake).
  • A bunch of old obsolete solvers removed and are no longer supported.
  • @araujoms improved support for complex cones via sedumi in automatic dualization.
  • BMIBNB improvements both algoritmically and performance.
  • BNB cleaned up bug fixes (memory hogging) and improved performance for some models (more on that later in separate post).
  • GUROBI options structure now up to date.
  • DAQP added as supported solver.
  • yalmiptest cleaned up and improved.
  • Added some geometric operators such as vertex, isoutside, starpolygon.
  • Experimental (pre-alpha) support of nonlinear semidefinite programming (more on that later in separate post).
  • Option ‘usex0’ should be updated to ‘warmstart’ (both supported for now)
  • Code fixed to support Octave 8.