Most common

sdpvar, optimize, sdpsettings, value, uncertain

Variable declaration

binvar, blkvar, intvar, sdpvar, semivar

Optimization and solving problems

bisection, optimize, optimizer, solvebilevel, solvemoment, solvemp, solvesos

Optimization model manipulations

dualize, export, kkt, momentmodel, robustmodel, sosmodel

Variable manipulations

assign, binmodel, coefficients, degree, dissect, hessian, int, is, jacobian, linearize, monolist, polynomial, replace, sdisplay, unblkdiag, value

Variable operators (selected)

abs, crossentropy, det, entropy, erf, exp, floor, geomean, harmmean, huber, interp1,interp2, kullbackleibler, log, logdet, logistic, logsumexp, min, max, median, nnz, norm, pnorm, sdpfun, sumk, sumabsk, sort

Constraints (defining)

alldifferent, binary, complements, cone, cut, iff, implies, integer, rank, rcone, sos, uncertain

Constraints (manipulating)

boundingbox, check, dilate, dual, hull, is, ismember, sosd


loadsdpafile, loadsedumidata,saveampl, savecplexlp, savesdpafile, yalmiperror, yalmiptest

Low-level and internal

getvariables, depends, recover, see, getbase