New release R20160923



Ouch, over a year since last release. Definitely overdue.

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Major changes, fixes and improvements

  • uncertain is now overloaded on constraints for easy definition of uncertain variables and constraints at the same time.
  • bisection can now be used as a solver, i.e., called via optimize.
  • Early experimental support for multi-parametric solver POP.
  • sort now supports matrix argument.
  • max and min now support location output in their mixed-integer versions.
  • interp1 overloaded as a callback operator.
  • Rotated second-order cones can be detected from model.
  • Added momentmodel to create a moment relaxation model without solving it.
  • robustify is now called robustmodel.
  • compilesos is now called sosmodel.
  • Performance improvements in nonlinear manipulations contributed by Ingmar Gundlach.
  • Performance improvements in variable indexing contributed by J.D. Bancal.
  • Breaking: bisection now assumes minimization (to be consistent with all other commands).