New release R20160930



There was an incomplete update shipped initially (2 hours or so), so if you downloaded the update immediately and experience problems, download the master again to see if you had the wrong version.

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Major changes, fixes and improvements

  • optimizer revised and extended significantly. See the post on core changes and its experimental use for optimization over randomized uncertainty.
  • optimizer objects can now plot their feasible set.
  • Added a work-around for CPLEX and MATLAB 2016 (causes seg-faults when defining complete options structures in sdpsettings. Note that the CPLEX options structure will be limited with this fix, but it is the only possible work-around at the moment (besides changing solver or downgrading MATLAB to an earlier version).
  • Fixed bug which caused knitro to crash if YALMIP could not deliver derivatives.
  • Overloaded interp2.
  • Added ‘milp’ method in interp1 to generate sos2 model.
  • Added support for options structures in POP. Note that this requires a fresh version of POP.
  • Added support for the ADMM-based SDP solver cdcs (with Giovanni Fantuzzi).