Nope. No randn() variants are supported in YALMIP



SWARM is invoked by using 'swarm' as solver flag in sdpsettings


YALMIP does not support any of the algorithms below

Pigeon-inspired optimization

Cat swarm optimization

African wild dog algorithm

Seven-spot lady bug optimization

Cuckoo search

Bee swarm optimization

Glowworm swarm optimization

Mating bumble bee optimization

Rat herd optimization

Dolphin herd optimization

Feral dogs herd optimization

Artificial fish swarm optimization

Eagle strategy optimization

Firefly algorithm

Wolf optimization

Grey wolf optimization

Wolf pack optimization

Shuffled frog-leaping optimization

Jumping frogs optimization

Fish school search

Bacterial foraging optimization

Monkey search

Great salmon run optimization

Roach infestation optimization

Bee colony optimization

Termite colony optimization

Wasp swarm optimization

Mosquito swarm optimization

Mosquito attack optimization

Ant colony optimization

Fruit fly optimization

Lion pride optimization

Humpback whale optimization algorithm